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Project Aladdin Journal 06-19-2002

Everyone, Bob, SoundByte, Space Turtel...this is Patrick. Probably for the last time. It has been an experience I don't know how to describe. You have been here for me whenever I needed you and I cannot thank you enough for that. Similarly you haven't just been here for me, you have been here for every man, woman and child who will ever be born because the world will not be lost in an ocean of hydrogen. Christine has emphasized this to me and I'd like to share some of her words with you.

Tell them that we all love them. Dearly. We don't know who they are, really, and never will, but we will not forget them. Our future will always remember that we live because some people in your present took the time to help us. That is a special thing, because it suggests that regardless of era or education people can always be found who will give selflessly for the benefit of others. I cannot think of a more encouraging, magnificent end for a dark chapter in the history of our world. We thank you. We all thank you. Until the day we die, we will thank you. Regrettably, you will not live to see our thanks, but know that we give them whole heartedly. Though we must now sever our connection with your time, we will never. Ever. Forget you.

I think you made an impression. To my surprise I got a call from Jackson as well.

Patrick? Jackson. Been following the site. Good work. I'd like your help with the Illuminati next.

"Um, hi Jackson, actually I was planning on going back to seminary next year. What happened to you? I've been worried sick!"

Nothing, nothing. Just had to go underground for a while. Visited some people I know. Good people. Some of them are getting ready for a trip. A long trip. Good idea in case the alien allies of the Illuminati ever find the stolen DNA and invade.


Anyway, I'll be in touch.

And he hung up. Nothing ever changes, eh?

I managed to meet up with Meaghan and Gabrielle yesterday. Meaghan was quiet, glad to be reunited with her daughter and subdued by our respective bad experiences. Gabrielle was cheerful. We actually ended up laughing for hours over her perceptions of my behavior. Apparently she almost throttled me for ignoring her so much. More than once her boss wanted to take me out. I never knew she cared. I did ask her how Christine had gotten in touch with her. Her answer was interesting.

I don't really know. She just said that she put some things together. From family records.

With that she gave me the oddest look and it occured to me that Gabrielle has really striking eyes.

But enough of that. Thank you everyone. I think my part in the great cycle of history is at an end. And nobody will ever know, really. I think it's better that way. I never wanted a complex life or a famous one. This way I can know that when I was needed, I was there, and now I can go back to the life I always wanted. That's more than most people get. And I am content.

You know what else, you can know the same thing too.

Project Aladdin Journal 06-19-2002

Bob here, Patrick.

It was a great ride; happy to be a part of it. Thanks for aharing it with us...and congratulations on what was, in the end, YOUR accomplishment (and Gabrielle's and Meaghan's).

Now, i think we can pretty much figure out your future. Since IIRC Christine had your last name, that means you have at least one son and one grandson in your future. And somehow, based on what you just told us about your reunion with your friends, I'd venture Gabrielle plays a big part in the rest of your life. ;)

Don't forget us...hope you find a way to keep in touch and let us know how you do. And thanks for making us all a part of it.


SoundByte checking in.

Patrick, we're going to miss you and your was one amazing story and we enjoyed being a part of it, even if you may not always have enjoyed living through it. Thanks for letting us in...and I hope we helped.

And my best to you and all your friends for the future. I hope you'll keep this site up, and let us visit it and remember from time to time. If there's any news about you or your life, I hope you'll put up an occasional post to update us know how you're doing, in case our paths don't cross again anywhere else.

And my best wishes especially to you and Gabrielle. ;-)

Patrick, this is Space Turtel.

May I be the first to say, "Mazel Tov!" (Gabrielle can explain)

I want to echo the sentiments already expressed and my well wishes too. Please do stay in touch with us either through this site or another that may be of interest to you. We want to see photos! and don't tell me you don't know what I mean. 8^

You did some very good work. The future may be proud of you, but not half so much as those of us who had the priviledge to see you in action. It has been a fantastic ride. The future is secure, and it is fascinating.

Good luck to you.

Sound Byte here with one more thing.

Patrick, I don't know if you even monitor this site any more since your adventure came to an end almost two weeks ago...but if there are any photos of you and the whole crew available, and any further news about any of them (other than Joe Painter, whose adventures we're now following daily on a separate site) can you drop by and post 'em? We want to know you're all OK and doing well.

Don't be a stranger.


Bob here, checking in one last time at the end of July 2002. Patrick, it wasn't just one hell of a great left us all rooting for your future. SoundByte's right in that you know more of what's ahead than most of us do...hope you'll find a way to keep us posted on it. :)

Hey Patrick, Sound Byte here. Just dropped by (found the old bookmark still here, couldn't bear to delete it) and was happy to see the site still online...but sorry to see no news about y'all posted in the last 13 months.

Guess you meant it when you said you were going to retreat back to a quiet existence. ;-)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know the adventure we all went on last year hasn't been forgotten...and if there IS anything new happening in your life or the lives of the folks we got to know through this story, we'll still be lurking from time to time and looking forward to reading it.

Mazel Tov. :)

SB, 7/15/03

Bob here. Glad to see this site is still up and available to was one hell of an adventure.

I'm still hoping that some time, if you're still checking this site, Patrick, you'll drop by and update us on your life, and those of your friends and comrades. (If you've opted to chill out and leave all this behind for a good long while, figuring you've had enough excitement for one lifetime, we can certainly understand that too.) In any event, take care, and hopefully we'll meet again somewhere on the Web. :)

Sound Byte dropping by. It's October 2005 now as I write this...nice to see this story's still up and available to read. Patrick, if you ever stop by here yourself, why not let us know how things have progressed in your life? We all went on quite a ride together, and while I'm sure your life now is a lot quieter than it was back in the day, we'd like to keep in touch. Me, I'm still working for the same TV and radio outfit, and for that matter, so is Bob. All's well here, hope likewise applies for you and everyone we got to know through this site.
'Till we meet again,