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Project Aladdin Journal 06-18-2002

Hello, I hope, this is Patrick. I say 'I hope' because for some reason today I can't see my own post! Nor can I see your replies to my post. I don't get it and haven't figured it out yet, despite having tried a few tricks and used a few different computers. I wish more often than ever that I knew more about computers.

Gabrielle called me today. For the first time her voice was completely welcome.


Patrick, it's me.

"Gabrielle! It's so good to hear from you."

Patrick, have I told you that you're an asshole? What did you think you were proving with that stunt?

I would have been more irritated, but I think she was smiling as she said it. I think. Maybe.

"It seemed like the only thing to do. I couldn't just sit there and wait for them to come after us all, and all because of me."

She sighed slowly.

Did it occur to you that some of us accept these risks going through life? Never mind. I've been chatting with your darling descendant.

"Christine? She really contacted you? How'd she do that?"

She wouldn't actually tell me. She just said she'd managed to get her hands on some inside information, whatever the hell that means. I've got directions to find you, so let me read them to you. And don't you dare put them on your website.

Guys, the lady has a point.

So, it looks like I'll be meeting up with Gabrielle and Meaghan in a few more hours. I'll let you know how it goes.


Project Aladdin Journal 06-18-2002

SoundByte here.

I'll tell you what I tried to tell you yesterday...I'm not sure you'll ever be really safe until you go public and expose these guys. It's when you do that, that they'll either scurry into the dark for good like cockroaches who hate the light, or get squished.

But it's your life, and obviously whatever you do, you're fated to live it out in peace and start (and raise) a family. When you come down to it, you have more certainty about your future than any of us.

I hope you'll stay online here and let us know how everything turns out. Meanwhile, though, whatever happens, have a nice life---and know you've made a difference, even if it'll only become clear how much difference you've made, to generations that haven't yet been born.