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Project Aladdin Journal 06-10-2002

Hello. This is Gabrielle. Patrick is gone. We don't know where he went, we don't know why. He just left us a message that he was going to go fix the problem and that we should be safe in a few days. I have been looking for him, but most of my network has been disrupted and I can't find him. Meaghan has been nagging me for days to figure out how Patrick posted to this website, but I didn't think it would help. At this point, though, I'm at a loss for what else to do. You know Patrick better than I do, you seem like you'd have a better guess as to what exactly the hell he thinks he's doing. I know from reading the site that you interpreted his last message to mean he was going public. If he tried, I haven't seen any signs of it. No mention on the news, TV, radio or print. It's possible he was trying to do that and my former boss managed to nab him. It wouldn't surprise me. Patrick isn't trained, he's lucky he made it as long as he did. I'm worried. Who might he have gone to for help? Does anyone know how to contact Jackson right now? My former comrades were after him for a bit but he eluded us. Guess we've been losing our touch. Please, I need help. If I don't find Patrick before my boss does...well, it would be bad.

Damn. What I wouldn't give to be in touch with Christine right now.

Project Aladdin Journal 06-10-2002

Gabrielle, SoundByte here. It almost looks like someone's shut down this site and left us all incommunicado. (My friend Bob tried to post to the main page journal last night and failed...I don't know if this posting will work either but it may be worth a shot.)
I think Patrick's covered his tracks while he makes contact with his legitimate police and media contacts and prepares to go public. It's also obvious he does NOT intend to involve you or Meaghan, at least until the whole story is out and everyone's cover is blown.

As to Christine, undoubtedly if she needs to contact you, she can open up a new channel (although if you have the parts to his abandoned laptop and can mount them into a new case it'll be easier).

I think the next time you see or hear from Patrick, it'll be on TV, radio or both.
Good luck.

Bob here.

Don't worry, Gabrielle. As you may have seen, the technical glitches that bedeviled this site over the last 48 hours are apparently fixed now. Since I doubt Patrick had time to share all of the access passwords and all the structure of the site with you and Meaghan before he bailed (and I doubt you've had much spare time to try to crack it yourself), I'm guessing it means he's out there somewhere, still keeping in touch with the site and still free to communicate with it and fix problems with it as needed.

Where we all go from here is anyone's guess...but I think we won't wait long to hear from him again.

At least I hope so.