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Project Aladdin Journal 06-05-2002

SoundByte, you have a good point, but Gabrielle is dead set against both the police and the media. Her reasoning in both cases is the same: she has spent the last few years as an agent of a foreign government engaged in espionage within the United States. Involving either police or the media is likely to get her arrested and imprisoned. Or worse, deported. She's willing to take that route, if necessary, but she would prefer not to. She also says she won't ask for asylum and sell out her home country. She hates what it has been up to, but she won't do anything further to harm her homeland. I respect her for it, even if it makes everything harder on us.

Right now we're moving regularly, trying to avoid leaving a trail behind us. I'm working on a plan that would have us trying to convince our pursuers that we DO work for the U.S. and they are about to launch reprisals. Now, having said that, you might argue that it won't work, since Gabrielle's boss reads this site. To that all I can say is: so far he hasn't gotten the point that we're harmless, so maybe this will still work.

As a side note, Gabrielle is actually very nice when she's not trying to be a tough-guy.

Project Aladdin Journal 06-05-2002

Bob here. Sounds like Gabrielle may have more than just a professional interest in you, Patrick. ;-)

Meanwhile, I think SoundByte is right...that the cops and media can only help you. I also think Gabrielle better figure out that she is toast in her home country (which I presume is Israel---they are our friends but they can be pretty tough folks) and work with you, her past career is definitely over. What you can do, is go out front and keep her (and Meaghan) out of the spotlight. You can go public and not only protect yourself, but be a good diversion away from them. Think about it...if you play it right it could be your safest strategy.
Good luck.