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Project Aladdin Journal 06-04-2002

Bob, everyone, thank you for being patient. Things are very tumultuous now. I'm afraid I have something else to apologize for. I've been lying to you for some time. Ever since I was rescued by Gabrielle, actually. I didn't really want to, but it was necessary.

Gabrielle never tried to trade me to her boss or anything of that nature, but it was important that he think that was her intent. We have been using the website for a coordinated disinformation campaign, as Gabrielle calls it, for days. We had to make her boss believe I was running, we had to make him search for me, and we had to make him try to catch me when he thought I was going to attempt to rescue Meaghan. The details aren't important, but thanks in no small part to you, we hav succeeded in getting Meaghan back. She's angry, and she was pretty doped up with tranquilizers when we got to her, but she's unharmed. Thank you for playing along with me, I'm sure you realized something was amiss, but you didn't blow my act.

The bad news, however, is that Gabrielle's band of helpers is gone. One was killed in the raid, the rest are injured or Gabrielle sent them away. Many of them her boss doesn't realize have betrayed him, they can still go home. Gabrielle is another matter, she's given up her home, and her family, probably forever.

Right now, we're still being hunted by Gabrielle's boss, but he's off balance after our raid. We could probably escape to another city but there's a significant chance we'd be found again eventually. We need something, anything, to convince him that we aren't a threat. Problem is, we're at a loss for what that might be. ANY ideas now are welcome. This needs to be stopped, and the sooner the better. If worse comes to worse, Meaghan will go to the police but, as my experience shows, being in police custody sometimes just makes you a sitting target.

Please, help us. Just a little more.

Project Aladdin Journal 06-04-2002

Well done, Patrick.
SoundByte here...suggesting you still can help yourself by getting the media involved, as well as the legitimate cops. This can and should be a HUGE story now, and once you go public and get exposure in major markets or nationally, whoever is after you will make himself a total police target forever more (facing life in prison or worse) if he goes after you. I think maximum public visibility is your best protection.