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Project Aladdin Journal 05-25-2002

Everyone, it's me. I'm ok. Mostly.

I took SoundByte's advice and attempted escape. There were too many guards for me to go out the door so I managed to go out the window. I used my shirt to muffle the noise as I worried a pane of glass from it's frame and then I climbed out on a ledge. That wouldn't have worked, but this building was close to another building.

Unfortunately, there's bad news as well. During my escape I dropped my laptop. Without it I can't contact Christine anymore. Anything I do from here on in, will have to be without her help.

Right now I'm holed up in an internet cafe. After I send this I will move to somewhere new, in case Gabrielle is reading this. Any thoughts on what I do now?

Project Aladdin Journal 05-25-2002

Patrick, this is Space Turtel.

Were you able to collect the pieces of the laptop? If I recall correctly, Christine explained that the entangled particles were located within the CPU. If you managed to salvage at least it, I recommend installing it in another PC (desktop or laptop may not matter except to your convenience) and try to contact Christine again.

It is at least worth a try.

SoundByte checking in...glad you got away, Patrick, I think you saved yourself by breaking free. But it's been 3 days now since we got your last post. Are you still OK? And were you able to retrieve at least enough pieces of the laptop to reinstall the CPU somewhere else, in some other machine? SpaceTurtel is right, as long as you've got the motherboard you have enough to reconstruct the connection with Christine if you need it. Although I suspect Christine's help will be of at best peripheral use now...I think at this stage, now that your mission for her is accomplished and the future apparently saved, WE may be of more collective use to you, and anything she can do will be the dessert on this particular menu, so to speak.

Anyway, you now know you survive, marry someone you may not yet have even met, and have children and grandchildren who have yet to be born anyway. Your job now is simple---to make sure the rest of the future unfolds exactly as it should. I'd keep up your contact with this site, where we can help you, and I'd also keep contact with the legitimate police and the media---they together will be your best protection. And they may be the best way to rescue Meaghan from danger.
Good luck. Take care.

Bob checking in.
Patrick, this is getting serious...four days since your last post, it's midweek as I'm writing this. WHERE ARE YOU? ARE YOU OK? LET US KNOW, and let us know if we can do anything to help!