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Project Aladdin Journal 05-23-2002

SoundByte, thanks for the advice. I think you may be right. I'm still a little worried, though. I'm hoping that my other friends reading this may be able to send for help for me, but even if they did, I don't know where I am and neither do they.

I have control of my computer, but I don't see what good that is really going to do me. I can't use it to break out of here and I can't use it to help myself. The windows to my room are all painted black so I can't see any landmarks.

Gabrielle came in today for a moment.

"We've brokered a deal. We make the trade on Saturday."

"You know," I responded, "that Christine says I have a future. Whatever you're planning won't work, it can't."

Gabrielle shrugged, "The way I see it, there are two possibilities. Either you've been lying, I betrayed my cause for nothing, and my former boss will kill you, in which case you get what you deserve."

"Or?" I prompted after a moment.

"You're telling the truth, in which case causality itself will protect you. I suppose it might be possible for you to be terribly disfigured or wounded and still fulfill your destiny, but that really isn't my problem."

Then she left. I am not reassured. Christine hasn't been much help either.

Patrick, we are very concerned about you, but I don't know what to do. The files we sent didn't include any data hinting that you would be held. This to us. You seem to be in the hands of a rogue element. Maybe terrorists. Who knows? Unless you can tell us more, I can't help you. Sorry. Our theories say that the mere fact that I know something about your history suggests that you will be ok, but I'd feel better is you were free.

Any ideas? I've got about 48 hours before things get worse.

Project Aladdin Journal 05-23-2002

SoundByte here. Seems to me you have nothing to lose by trying to break out...odds are, you will succeed. You have to in order for things not to be totally screwed up for generations to come. Can you open the window at all, get a glimpse of where you are so you can get a message out for someone to find you (legitimate cops, media, us)? Can you take Gabrielle down, grab whatever weapon she has, and bust out? You may have to.

Unless you move in the next 24 hours we clearly won't know how you did, or even what you did, until Monday at the earliest, unless you decide to post over the weekend. (And I'll guarantee you that you'll have this site's audience logging on all weekend long to see if you do.) But assuming she's the only one you have to overpower to get out the door or at least get a weapon, the odds sound pretty good to me. And I'd say, don't wait until tomorrow or Saturday. You're more likely to catch 'em off guard if you move now rather than later.

Good luck.

Bob here. As I'm posting, it's the morning of the 24th. You haven't yet posted anything today. Patrick, are you OK? You don't usually miss a weekday post...