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Project Aladdin Journal 05-21-2002

Bob, SoundByte, thanks for your messages. SoundByte, I'm as surprised as you are, but I don't think Gabrielle means that Meaghan was taken by al Qaeda, I think she means Mossad itself has her. It seems...odd...but I guess it makes sense. I don't know much about Mossad, but I seem to remember that they have a formidable reputation. Does anyone remember something about a bomber they killed named "the engineer?" Seems to me that they might be interested in wormholes for just that reason, what better way to take out a target with plausible deniability? That's probably the same reason the U.S. is trying to develop it. I just don't understand why they seem to be spying on the U.S. or trying to disrupt our project. Aren't we allies?

Whatever the reason, I've decided not to take your advice about going public. I just don't think it would be a good idea. You're right, I've completed the task Christine set for me. That's what made me think, if I had gone public, Christine would likely have known about it, and she has seemed as surprised as I have. Either she's lying to me, or the timeline that leads to her birth does not include publicity. I'm not sure if this makes any sense, but I'm trying.

The remainder of this message is for Gabrielle: Gabrielle, call me. I received a download from Christine that seems to have data you would need for what you want to do. If you can give me an e-mail address I can get it to you. I looks like I know where Meaghan is being held, even if I can't get to her myself. Please call me.

Wait. Something is happening. The cops are mov

Project Aladdin Journal 05-21-2002

Bob here. Presumably, Patrick, you're going to pick up where you left off---probably stopped in mid-sentence, with only enough time for a "send" command for your server, right?

Mossad doesn't make it a habit to kill Americans, so if that's who you think has Meaghan, she'll probably be cut loose after they've interrogated her or figured out that she can't help them. What confuses me at this stage, is why, if they presumably HAD the papers for this technology, and you just got a copy, they cared about you to begin with--unless they thought the information might be going to a current-day antagonist rather than a future friend.

This keeps getting wierder. Stay in've got us worried.

SoundByte here.

Patrick, if you're OK and can read this, I'd reconsider the decision not to go public. Being in the public eye could be your best cover and protection now.

I hope everyone is OK.

Patrick, this is Space Turtel.

I think you and the others may be wrong about the Mossad. Re-reading the entry from the other day gives me the impression that someone else was speaking to Gabrielle. Was that the case? If so then naming the Mossad was a red herring to throw us off the track of the real power behind the kidnapping and the threats aimed at you.