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Project Aladdin Journal 05-16-2002

I was too late. Meaghan is gone. Her apartment looks...destroyed. There's nobody here, no Meaghan, no nothing. Apparently Gabrielle was telling the truth. Whoever it was I've been working for all this time has decided to sanitize things. I looked around her apartment for some sort of clue about who it was, or where they might have taken her, but there's nothing. Nothing at all.

When I left her apartment. I started to get paranoid. I thought I was being followed. I doubled back through alleys and disappeared into crowds a dozen times. I'd taken a cab from a hotel in Baltimore to Meaghan's place, so I didn't have to worry about my car. If I was being followed, I've lost them. Or they're so good, there's nothing I can do. I want to cry. I've lost a friend. I don't know where she's been taken, or what's happened. I don't know what to do.

Project Aladdin Journal 05-16-2002

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This is where you make life difficult for these guys, Patrick, by going right out in the open. You file a missing persons report, you go to the cops, you go to the media, you go public, big time. That'll freeze 'em like nothing else could. These guys are like vampires, they are scared as hell of the light. It kills them. I asked Bob to advise me on this matter of media cultivation, and here's what he says. If your media contacts at CNN and WSB and Fox 5 didn't think you had a story've got one now. And it's time for the Baltimore and Washington TV stations to get involved. I'd begin with WJZ-TV channel 13, the CBS-owned station in Baltimore; the CBS stations are always the most independent and skeptical of the bunch. If they roll with it, it might soon get out over the whole CBS network, and then you've got Dan Rather, Mike Wallace and the whole gang on the case. And maybe it's time to make a copy of the plans you have, public too. NY Times, Washington Post, any independent and reliable organ. You not only have nothing to lose by going extremely public with may save everyone's life. Now that you've pretty much done what Christine needed you to do, it's time to save yourself and your friends in the present. Public attention and the attention of legitimate law enforcement (which doesn't like clandestine outfits, especially when they kidnap people) is what you need to make happen now.

Lay low until you make contact and start the media and police wheels rolling. But once the Baltimore cops and the TV crews are on the case, you want to take up residence on the air, accept every interview request you get.

Good luck. Hope to see you soon on 60 Minutes. And Bob asked me to ask you if you might be interested in doing a phone interview with him as soon as the whole thing breaks.