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Project Aladdin Journal 05-15-2002

I don't have much time to type, I need to get going again soon. I got a call from Gabrielle today.


"Gabrielle. Hello. Come to yell at me?"

No, damnit. Shut up and listen. You're in danger.

"Oh, really? Are you going to hurt me if I don't do what you say?"

She snorted loudly.

Didn't you listen to me the other day? I said I heard you and that my superiors were unmoved. I'm a different story. I believe you. Patrick, someone from my organization sent you those plans, someone whose actions I agree with.

"Wait, your organization? You were involved in all this?"

Of course! What did you think, Patrick? Don't be naive! Nobody is going to give an internet nut money for something like this unless they need a patsy. You've been working for...well, it's not important who, but didn't it occur to you that wealthy organizations that are paying you to investigate U.S. government project may not have your best interests in mind?

I didn't say anything at that point I just waited.

You didn't know. Sorry. That can't be helped now, what's important is your friend Meaghan is in danger.


Listen. My superiors know that you've gotten what you've gotten. They think you're working for U.S. Counter intelligence. They think our operation has been compromised and they're trying to close down and get out before we're identified. They've given the order to sanitize our operations here. That includes eliminating you and Meaghan both as foreign operatives.

"Foreign operative? I'm a divinity student! The only foreign government I work for is God!"

I know that, Patrick. They don't. Or they don't care. I don't know which. A team has already been sent after Meaghan. Your friend Jackson is in trouble as well, but you can't help him. A team will be coming after you soon. You need to get out, get away from home, and get to Meaghan. Now.

"How do I know you're not trying to trap me yourself?"

Would we have warned you? No. We just would have killed you. Don't argue, just go. I'll contact you by cell phone later. I have to get going myself, it isn't going to take them long to realize who tipped you off.

Then she hung up. I took a few minutes to pack a few things and then I got going. I'm in a hotel now and tomorrow I will drive to try and get Meaghan. I called her today, but there was no answer. I hope she's ok.

Project Aladdin Journal 05-15-2002

Bob here.

Patrick, don't wait. Move now, not for your sake (you're going to survive) but to be able to help and protect your friends. Keep trying to call Meaghan. Tell Jackson. And tell Christine.

Obviously we already know that YOU live through all this, because you need to survive, marry and have the children and grandchildren you are destined to have...none of which you have yet done. (Otherwise Christine never exists.) Now you have to help your friends get through it. And maybe there's more to be done here and now to stop an underworld clique from getting seriously out of line.

This story is far from over. I suspect you've done nearly all you can for Christine in her time, although you should keep in touch with her and feed her any added information you come might help speed the cleanup. Now you may be able to stop something bad from happening in OUR time.

Good luck and take care.

SoundByte checking in...Bob's right (I can't believe I'm saying that). Get on the move. Keep in touch with Christine and let her know where you are, and keep trying to contact Meaghan and Jackson. You've probably gotten Christine what she needs, and she may now be able to help you (she needs to, because she needs you to survive---if you don't, she never exists and the timeline is totally screwed).

Incidentally, since they know we've been contacting you and advising you all along, are WE in any indivivual or collective danger, and do we all need to go off the public Web to some password-protected, secure place? Hope not...

Good Luck, Patrick.