Project Aladdin Journal 05-14-2002

Everyone, I received a reply from Christine today:

Patrick, I want to congratulate you. Things are...crazy here right now, but we're all very, very excited. Dr. al-Batal is crying he's so happy. The documents you left for us are exactly what we needed. Somehow you seem to have come across mostly complete plans for the wormhole device being manufactured by the U.S. government. And I must compliment both you and the people of your time, it is a far more elegant device than the one we used to contact you. I don't know how your time managed this with your inferior knowledge of physics, but you did.

The device itself appears as though it would work perfectly, it doesn't seem to be the problem. The data on this second device, however, explains what happened. The curvature device is some sort of jamming system meant to interfere with the wormhole gate. Activating the two devices in proximity to each other, physically and temporally, will either prevent any wormhole from forming, or will throw one of its terminuses far off course. The physics of all this aren't important now, the effects are. Based on these documents, we've concluded that the U.S. project didn't fail, as we thought, it was sabotaged by someone who was trying to develop wormhole technology for themselves. We don't know who, our technological-archeologists are trying to find an example of a group from your time whose artifacts resembled this one, but no luck so far. We have to conclude one thing, however: whoever sent you this package is part of the organization who tried to do the jamming.

We're working on the plans and deriving a way to seal of the leak now. We should know soon enough if it's possible.

I we wait.

Project Aladdin Journal 05-14-2002

SoundByte here.

Glad the data transfer worked, Patrick. And if the plans are as complete and useful as they appear...could another device be built to either shut off or redirect the rogue wormhole again, maybe this time either harmlessly off into space or even to someplace that might become the terminus of a highway for interstellar travel?

Seems to me that since they clearly did NOT yet try for the warp-drive approach to interstellar transit, maybe a steerable wormhole might come out of all this and be of use to the future. What started as a way to control a cosmic disaster could even yield a positive payoff in the form of easy transit across space in minimal time. Now that could be the beginning of a whole new adventure!

But one thing at a time...let's hope they manage to succeed at job one, plugging that hydrogen leak, before going on to the next phase. But anyway, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that even if the first try doesn't work right way, they now have a lot of what they'll need to seal it eventually---and without you, they would not have. I'm confident they'll eventually get it right. Until they do, though, it may be a good idea to keep probing discreetly and see if anything else comes to light...every little added detail may help them more.

Good luck. This may take them a while...but IMHO, you've reached them in time.