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Project Aladdin Journal 05-06-2002

Hey everyone. No new notes from Joe Painter, but it has been an eventful weekend all the same. First of all, I received a message from Christine about Joe's letter.

Patrick, I wish this friend of yours could be a little less vague with his advice. He's worse than I am when you ask about the future. By the sound of it, he thinks he and someone else have discovered something powerful, but are keeping it from their employers, presumably the U.S. government. If so, well, the situation might be destabilizing. Who knows how long they can keep it secret and what the government will do if they find out. And if the government finds out about Joe, they may find out about you. This makes it even more urgent that we resolve this matter soon. The sooner, the better, for all of us. Other than that, I can't be much help.

I wish she could have given us something more, but I guess we'll just take what we can get. On Saturday I received an anonymous note in my mail again. It was...a little odd. It was typed, though the letters seemed to be slightly off of the line. Does anyone know, is that the sign of an older manual typewriter? In any case, the note was brief:

I have been reading your site. I think I might have the information you need. I need assurances that you are who you say you are. What can you give me?

If anyone has a hint on this part, PLEASE give it to me. Without knowing who this person is, I don't know what to tell them, but this feels right to me. It feels too right to be a wild goose chase.

Finally, I got a call from your friend and mine Gabrielle. As always she was pleasant when I answered the phone.

That was a lovely stunt, Patrick. I'm touched, really.

"Hello to you too, Gabrielle."

I've heard what you're telling me, Patrick. And I'm here to tell you that the people I work for are not impressed.

"Gabrielle, I need your help. I wish I didn't, but I have the feeling you know something I need."

Shut up. I know what you need. I told you, the people I work for are not impressed. We need results, Patrick. Get them.

Then she hung up. I'm starting to lose my faith in that woman. I really am.

Project Aladdin Journal 05-06-2002

Patrick, CZ here. It's obvious that Gabrielle is a loser in a no-win situation. She only has one note to play...making threats...and it's obvious to everyone that THAT is an ineffective ploy with regards to your activities. It's apparent to me that she's a loser who doesn't have a clue of how to run an operative. In fact, she probably has more to lose than you because she doesn't have the connections you have developed so far, which would make me think that you are more valuable to her employers than she is. I think you should just tell her to put up or shut up...either she has some guidelines to provide that might actually be helpful or not. And if SHE can't deliver then her bosses will just have to make a decision on who can best get the information they or her. My guess is that they will either replace her or change their tactics. She's nothing more than a go between.

SoundByte here.

Your anonymous friend gives you no clue as to how to respond to him, so just tell him to read the site from the beginning and get to know you, that should give all the credibility you need. Same for Joe Painter.

As to Gabrielle, I don't know what to say, except to tell her you are doing your damndest and you need more specific help and guidance from her. And keep digging.

Best of luck...wish I knew or could offer more, but if any inspiration strikes, I'll post again.

Bob checking in on 5/8.

No new post in two days? That looks a little ominous, Patrick. Are you OK? Is everyone else OK?