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Project Aladdin Journal 04-30-2002

SoundByte, this is Patrick. Thanks for your concern, I'm not sure what to tell you. Jackson has dropped off the face of the Earth as far as I can tell. I don't know why. I can't find him, or contact him, and I haven't heard from him for some time. I am beginning to worry that maybe there really was someone after him. That would be a twist, if Jackson was actually right to be paranoid for once.

I've decided that the shadow corporations are fronts for the government, and that the project is connected to both the military and to various universities and real companies. I think the theory is pretty well fleshed out at this point. The U.S. government has a wormhole project underweigh that, somehow, runs out of control. The government then either tries to bury the evidence or is unaware of what has happened. Then, far in the future, the remnant of that experiment causes dire consequences for the entire planet. The biggest question at this point is, what makes the project run out of control?

Meaghan has been theorizing that the people Jackson has seen poking around might somehow interfere with the experiment. She doesn't know how that could be, exactly, but it could be our explanation. I ran this past Christine who had surprisingly little to say.

Patrick, I am not inclined to take your friend Jackson too seriously, but if what he's saying is true, it may well have something to do with the project's failure. There are certain conditions that can be generated artificially that may cause a wormhole to miss its intended target and end up somewhere else. If these conditions were created, intentionally or not, but these mysterious others, it could explain this entire mess. We're gaming out possibilities, and we'll be in touch when we know more.

I think we may be on to something.

Project Aladdin Journal 04-30-2002

SoundByte here.

Patrick, something Christine said may be a key. The government in our time may have tried to create a wormhole without steering it properly or locating its terminus quite right. They might have intended to use it as not so much a tap into a big energy source as a rapid transit pathway through space to a distant star system (one popular current theory on how to achieve faster than light travel, the other one being a warp field generated around an individual spacecraft). Only a slight directional error would locate the other end of the wormhole in the center of a star, rather than in space in its general vicinity, which is where you would want to end up; hence the outpouring of hydrogen like that found in the core of a young star.

It's possible that Uncle Sam may have wanted to hide its error, figuring it wasn't going to create the disaster it did...or it may have figured that the project was blown and went nowhere. There MIGHT be something in the records between now and 2082 to give a clue. It's up to Christine to find that out. I gather since the remnants of the US government still surviving in her time aren't too cooperative but since there's now a higher global authority, they can be leaned on.

Of course, once you know the full backstory, if I'm right, how do you shut down or retarget a wormhole? Maybe the folks in 2082 have a better grip on that, than we obviously did. Let's hope so.