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Project Aladdin Journal 04-25-2002

Good morning, everyone. This is Christine.

Patrick asked that I write to you this time instead of to him, he says that he is very busy following up leads right now. We have been working on the web of corporate ownership that Patrick has uncovered.

It appears, based on what we have been able to find in my time that the dummy companies that Patrick is tracing are actually owned by a branch of the United States government. We think there are also ties to the military, but we are having difficulty getting the old US government to cough up the information. They are still relatively jealous with their secrets.

Patrick's realization that IBM and Stanford are involved was a good one. It now appears as though Intel, Motorola, MIT and several other institutions, including the future successor of Intel, are involved in this project. It is obviously suspicious that all of these organizations would be tied to the same project. If, indeed, this is a project team, as it appears to be.

We have now established funding sources and the power draw. We are working now to model the total power siphoned off through this avenue but it appears to us that it might have been sufficient to generate a pinpoint wormhole. We are all quite impressed at how elaborate this project in your time has proven to be.

At the moment, I am waiting on Patrick. We are nearing the answer, I think, to what is really going on and how to stop it. We had better stop it soon, my Earth cannot take much more of this. At the moment, Patrick is trying to find out what happened to Jackson, he seems to think that Jackson may hold to key to all this. I hope he is right.

Project Aladdin Journal 04-25-2002

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It's now the 29th as I write, and I hope nothing has gone wrong. I could be paranoid, but could it be that the shadow companies are tied in any way both to the government, and the oil men and energy men who finagled their way into power in 2000 despite an adverse vote and now run that government? Could we be seeing the effects of a conflict of interest in our own time, that plays out disastrously in times yet to come? It obviously is already too late to stop it, but learning how it came together in our time may help Christine and her allies put the brakes on in her time, before the globe is irreparably damaged.
Let's hope so, anyway. Meanwhile, Patrick, I hope you and Jackson are's not like you to stay offline for days at a pop.