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Project Aladdin Journal 04-19-2002

Bob, you're a genius. No, I mean it. Your post had a really, really good idea in it, but not the one you were thinking. You're right, power companies might somehow view this technology as a source of power, but right now the project needs more power than it can produce, if it could ever produce power. Christine has said that Project Aladdin required an enormous expenditure of power. We've always assumed that, somehow, the project in our time didn't require as much power. What if it does? What if it needs nearly the same amount of power as Christine's project? You can't hide that, not easily. So, if we can somehow determine if there have been major, I mean really MAJOR power draws in the recent past near the project sites, maybe that will clue us in. If we find where they're drawing power from, we may be able to get more information on who is involved with this project and how deep. Does that sound reasonable? How do we get that kind of information? Where do we get it from? Does anyone know?

I got a phonecall from Jackson today. The call came while I was sitting in the library. I had to make it to a men's room before I answered it. Come to think of it, I probably could have answered it in the stacks. I think I was the only one there.

Patrick? Jackson. Look, I may be out of touch for a few days. Something's happened.

"Something? What do you mean something? Are you all right?"

I'm fine, fine. For now. There guys, they're not corporate. Not Illuminati either, thought that had me fooled for a while. They just want me to think they're Illuminati. Clever bastards. Bad for me, though. These guys are worse than Illuminati.

"Worse that Illuminati? Jackson, you aren't making any sense, who is who? The people that you've been following? Who are they?"

He sighed.

Yes, the people I've been following. Can't tell you who they are. It would put you in too much danger, these people play for keeps. They're on to me, tried to follow me the other day. I think they know where I live. I can't stay. Can't put you in danger. Too much at stake.

"Jackson, would you just give me a straight answer for once?"

Wish I could, Patrick. I've done the best I can.

Then he hung up.

So, all this leads me to ask one thing: Just who is scarier to a man like Jackson than the Illuminati?

Project Aladdin Journal 04-19-2002

Bob here. Who's scarier than the Illuminati? Probably a major corporation that sees a major potential source of profit being compromised by exposure. I suspect that's what Jackson (or whoever he is) found. Don't get me wrong, I'm no hater of business; most companies are no more harmful than the products they convince us to buy, and many of those products are actually useful. But every once in a while companies, like people and their governments, go nuts. Check back with the companies that are funding research in the energy realm and you'll probably get a clue.
Good luck.