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Project Aladdin Journal 04-18-2002

Space Turtel, thanks! Those are some very useful suggestions. As much as I enjoy Jackson's energy, it seems like your idea has a better chance of success. I've decided to spend some serious time at the library looking through GovDocs. We have several different places we can look at and several of the libraries here are Federal Depositories, so there's a good chance I can get the information we need without too much difficulty. It seems too like looking for government contracts to companies that have relationships with physicists is a good idea. I've been trying to list all of the high tech electronics firms that might be using cutting-edge physics work. I'm wondering if I should include companies working on fusion or room-temperature super-conductors. Both of those areas seem like they might have some cross-over. I'm also wondering how to handle holding companies. They seem like perfect fronts for concealing who the real money goes to, especially if there's joint ownership. I think we might almost need a lawyer if this gets at all complicated.

Of course, while I was working on all this something else occurred to me: I know several universities have offices of technology transfer, where they more or less give away equipment or processes developed by academics to private industry. Could there be a connection between the military and the OTT at the University of Hawaii? Maybe the link between those two is tighter than we thought. Maybe the same thing is going on with Standford and IBM and all that. University-corporate linkages being subsumed into a government project and obscuring the real players. It's almost a perfect setup to disguise government activity. This may be the link we're looking for.

I'm going to get on all this, but any more suggestions you guys have will be very welcome.

Project Aladdin Journal 04-18-2002

Bob're very much on the right track.

One other thing that may be of interest...wouldn't the power companies and other energy firms be interested in this kind of work too? Those technology transfer offices may yield some results if you check what private firms bought rights to some of their universities' work. Conceivably anyone in the field could be involved. Hey, this could even have been an Enron experiment, aborted when that company went belly up a few months ago (and now untended and out of control). Or it could be an attempt by an outfit like PG&E in California or ConEd in NYC to tap into a new energy which case it might still be going on, and you can find out about its workings in order to help Christine stop it and patch things up. In that case the secrecy is probably intended to keep things proprietary while they develop the technology and get ready to market it (which pretty clearly must not have worked out).

Don't know if this makes sense...but it's one possible avenue to investigate.