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Project Aladdin Journal 04-16-2002

Hey, everyone. Thanks for the message, SoundByte, I forwarded it to Christine. Her response came in just before I wrote this, so you're seeing it almost as soon as I am.

SoundByte, you make two interesting points. One is that whatever happened in our time obviously didn't stop the event, so we don't need to worry about causing a wrinkle by leaking too much information to Gabrielle. Leaving this point aside for a moment, we come to your second point, that closing the site down in your time might generate a breach in the causal chain. The problem is, your first and second points are mutually contradictory. Either there is nothing we can do to alter the future and so we could tell you anything, or anything we do can alter the future and we should do nothing.

As it happens, the equations suggest it is a little of both. So far as we can tell, our explaining our problem with the hydrogen to you has locked that event into existence. The occurrence of the hydrogen contamination is now inevitable in a temporal sense, purely because you have observed this event via this wormhole. On the other hand, and events you have not observed via us, and thus are responding to may have significant repercussions. In essence, as many events that have not been observed may be affected by your actions at our behest, significant changes to the timeline may result.

Up until now we felt the risk was acceptable as the number and influence of people who read Patrick's website is low. I mean no offense, but so far as I know, we count no world leaders among you. As such, the inevitable consequences of this contact will not alter the broad sweep of human history between your now and my now. If, however, more powerful forces have taken a keen interest in the site, that situation may no longer hold true. We may be risking substantial changes to causality, and that is cause for concern. Unfortunately, I do not see how we can allay this concern without knowing Gabrielle's identity.


And if that wasn't enough. I got a short e-mail from Jackson.

Strangers out here. There's someone else snooping around the site, with lots of high powered gear. I don't know who they are. They look like government agents, almost, the way they're dressed, but I don't think so. I think they might be a team of clones from the Illuminati. I'll keep you posted.

Project Aladdin Journal 04-16-2002

SoundByte again.
Christine says, =as many events that have not been observed may be affected by your actions at our behest, significant changes to the timeline may result."

Guess I must be missing something, because at this point that has not happened as a result of our knowledge of, and action regarding, the future. Seems to me that at this stage, now that we know what has happened up to 2082 and our only possible impact appears to be on what HAS NOT yet transpired up to that point, we need not worry and might as well proceed as we have all along. The causal chain isn't going to be broken. And people further out in time, in 2100 and beyond, will simply regard us in our time (and Christine in hers) as part of history.

All we know is that Patrick one day must marry and start the family which will one day produce Christine (which presumably he would have done anway), and the rest of us might as well relax and have fun because none of us is going to amount to much in the bigger sweep of history. I suspect we probably all would have done that too.

As far as Gabrielle? Whoever she represents clearly didn't have any impact if their goal was to prevent the catastrophe of the future from happening. If they were trying to help CREATE the wormhole or whatever actually CAUSED the trouble, well, we now know they made it, though the consequences may not be what they expected or wanted.

Logic tells me our only possible impact is on that time which has NOT yet been cast in the stone of history. The only impact of humoring her and whoever she represents, is to permit the investigation which MIGHT yield solutions for the people of 2082, to continue.
Isn't that what we want to do?

Bob here, also believing you have little or nothing to lose by continuing on with the project. As far as Jackson is concerned, it occurs to me that what's going on here has nothing to do with legitimate law enforcement of any kind. I wonder if the pressure he's feeling is actually corporate in origin? If so, it's possible that legitimate law enforcement may take a dim view of a lot of what's going on out there, and you may be able to use that to advantage.
Good luck.