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Project Aladdin Journal 04-15-2002

Hey Bob. I like your idea, I'll have to try that the next time Gabrielle calls. The bad part, though, is that she is watching the site, so anything that we say here, she's going to see. Unless I am mistaken, she'll come up with a way to defeat that approach soon enough. I am a little worried, though. You said I should just give her everything I have, but doesn't this threatening language worry you a little bit? I'm starting to wonder if I've been working for someone I shouldn't be. It doesn't matter, I guess, if it helps be save Christine and the future, but it still concerns me. Who might be interested in a U.S. wormhole project? Would any of them be willing to threaten me so easily? I wonder.

I haven't noticed any signs of increased surveillance, but you never can tell sometimes. I asked Christine what she thought. Her answer came quickly.

Patrick, we are all very concerned about this turn of events. We have always had our concerns about this mysterious woman, but not we are beginning to think this could seriously compromise causality. Without knowing who she is or what she wants, we feel it may be necessary for you to sever ties with her. Direct contact may be a needless risk. Furthermore, given that she apparently found you through this website of yours, Dr. al-Batal has raised the possibility that we might need to ask you to cease reporting your activities on it completely. It may be a greater risk than we initially believed. I am sorry, but without more information, we may have to ask you to take extreme measures.

This concerns me more. She may have a point. Any ideas?

Project Aladdin Journal 04-15-2002

SoundByte here. Patrick, a few things ot ponder...

This Gabrielle may want to conceal her number but she can't defeat the phone company's redial feature as far as I know. So you can always call her back if you have to know more than she's willing to tell in any given encounter. That's all you really want anyway.

As far as Christine's worry about causality, she needn't. Obviously whatever happened in this time did NOT stop the anomaly from developing in hers. The most and best you can do to affect anything is get her information that'll help her cope with it in her time. And that's all you're likely to make happen in any event.

And the security problems? Well, the cat's fully out of the bag anyway, and you might as well keep all your moves public in order to continue to get input and help. You could always choose to make the site password protected and give us all passwords by e-mail, but that would make it difficult for anyone new to join in and help. I see nothing much gained by either going offline or password-protecting it like a porn site. Besides...she already knows what you're going to do. And if you had in fact closed the site on her suggestion when you otherwise would have kept it open, you'd be creating the very breach in the causal chain that she's worried about---small point, but you never know what repercussions it might have. You CAN'T shut this site down until the situation plays to its conclusion, whatever that might be. To do anything else, breaks the chain.
Good luck.