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Project Aladdin Journal 04-12-2002

Hi everyone. I did try Bell South, and they are unable to trace the call, just as we suspected. She called again today, and again, my caller ID came up blank. Bob, Gabrielle did respond to your comments. She says that we're not doing enough to satisfy her employers.

"We need names, locations," she said. "My employers are interested in hearing about the U.S. Army's involvement in this wormhole project. We need specific information." As soon as she said that, she hung up again.

It sounds like Gabrielle is after the same information as Christine is. But I wonder what Gabrielle's reasons are?

Project Aladdin Journal 04-12-2002

Bob here, borrowing SoundByte's machine (he's off today and mine's being upgraded here at the station). Couple things; first, you can just pass along Christine's latest note, and that'll basically give this Gabrielle everything you have as of now. Second, you need to at least pass along a copy of this guy's doctoral thesis, see if it makes any more sense to her than it does to you. Third, you need to try the redial feature on your phone (*66 for us, might be another code for you) and just call her back...tell her all that...and then, have the phone company check the destination of the call. That is something they're sure to be able to know since they'll have to bill the call to you.
May not work but it's a thought.
Patrick, don't worry about who I am or what my motives are. Just do the job I'm paying you to do.