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Project Aladdin Journal 04-11-2002

Bob, I wouldn't put the Civil War reference past Jackson. He's quite intelligent and well-read, and he knows a decent amount about military history. Can you remind me what happened at Gettysburg? What happened on Little Round Top? I went there when I was a kid, but I don't remember much about it.

I got a strange call late last night. At about 3 AM, I was awakened by a phone ring. At first, I thought it was Jackson or Joe's cell phone, but it turned out to be the house phone. Still half asleep, I picked up the phone and heard a deep, heavily-breathing female voice.

"This is Gabrielle," she said gruffly. I strained to wake up because I knew this was important.

"My employers have been very disappointed with you," she said. "They wanted to cut off your funding this month. I persuaded them to give you one more chance."

"What do you expect from me?"

"Information. We want the same thing your so-called great-granddaughter wants. Personally, I think you're making that part up. You have a nice little racket going here, and we thought you might be useful to us. You haven't been representing our interests well enough."

"What information do you want?"

"What do you have? We can't give you specific request without compromising our business."

"What is your business? Who are you?"

"We will be watching you. I will now read your site every day and take an active role in your project. Goodbye." She hung up. My caller ID came up empty. What does this mean?

Project Aladdin Journal 04-11-2002

Bob here...frankly I don't know what this Gabrielle wants that you haven't already provided everyone including all of us who read the website. About all you can do that you haven't done, is provide her with a copy of that PhD thesis...but she won't tell you where to reach her.

SoundByte checking in. Does your phone company (probably Southern Bell, maybe Verizon) have a call trace-back feature? In my town, which is served by Frontier/Citizens, you can dial *64 to get a call traced and *66 to return the last call you received. Check your directory, you probably have the same thing or something similar, and it'll trace or redial whatever the number is that she called from. They usually charge a buck or a buck and a half for each trace and redial, but it would probably be well worth it.
CZ here. Bellsouth is the local provider for most of us in this area and its *69, but probably won't do much good if his caller ID came up blank. Whenever I've tried that I would get a message that they could not retrieve that number. No charge for that service, BTW.