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Project Aladdin Journal 04-10-2002

Qwerty, I think "recrulted" should be "recruited." "Located at" is probably more grammatically correct, but the Nevada test site is a big place, so probably the writer meant that they were located somehwere inside the test site's boundaries. Parts of the last sentences are missing. I suspect that the author simply wrote in sentence fragments because it was easier that way. The letters appear to be stenciled on to the page - a very time-consuming process. The author probably just decided to take a shortcut.

Bob, I'm not sure what to make of the lack of references for General Jim Barnes. The Army is a big enough place that I'm sure a few generals could get lost in the shuffle and not appear on the web. Maybe he works only on classified projects, and the Army doesn't want to advertise his existence. Maybe he's not a General or not Jim Barnes. Or this could be some sort of elaborate metaphoric code of Jackson's.

Speaking of Jackson, what makes you think that this is a Jackson production? It does show all his classic signs of paranoia. I'll have to call him this afternoon and ask him.

I'll also start looking around the Army command structure and so forth for evidence of a General Jim Barnes. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Project Aladdin Journal 04-10-2002

Bob here...don't know what to make of the absence of Barnes from the public record EXCEPT that it may somehow be a code name; maybe what this guy is doing, is something that corresponds in some way to the historical Barnes' role at the battle of Gettysburg (he was commander of a regiment that included Col. Joshua Chamberlin and his famous brigade that held on to Little Round Top). I'm reaching here...

As to the style of the memo you said it yourself...that is what really convinced me it was Jackson's work. I could be wrong, of course...