Project Aladdin Journal 04-09-2002

SoundByte, I'll ask Christine about your theory. I think I may have made a big discovery. I got a note in the mail last night. It was stenciled, and looked like it was badly copied several times over. It was just one sheet of paper, front and back. There was no return address, but it was stamped Sacramento, California. Here is the front:

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and the back:

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What do you make of this? I figure it has to come from either Jackson or Joe Painter. More likely from Joe, since it says "several of us were recruited from Stanford." Unless Jackson is being his usual vague and cryptic self.

Someone clearly went to a lot of trouble to send me this rough, strange document. I'm looking up the name "Jim Barnes." It seems like a pretty big clue, but it's quite a common name, and I'm seeing it everywhere.

Project Aladdin Journal 04-09-2002

Hi Patrick, Bob here...
Don't know who Jim Barnes is, but the only General James Barnes whose name shows up on the Web was a Union Army brigadier general from the Civil War whose troops were on the winning side in the Battle of Gettysburg. Doubt we're dealing with a Civil War general here.

Could be this Barnes is just someone who shuns publicity (unusual for a general), or that he's not a real general, or not really Jim Barnes.

This feels like a Jackson production, not your other associate out there.

qwerty here,

English isn't my language, and I have a couple of questions. I guess "recrulted" is a typo? Also, "located in" should be "located at", unless they're really located inside a sublevel facility? The text also reads as if parts of sentences are missing.