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Project Aladdin Journal 04-08-2002

Did you all see the message Gabrielle posted on Friday evening? I wonder what she meant by that comment? Do you suppose she's not American, maybe even from a country that doesn't like America? I haven't heard anything from her, and her checks have been arriving faithfully every month, allowing me to eat.
Did you also see the message from Christine that I posted on the discussion board? She seemed to like your solutions, but didn't think they were workable right now. Keep thinking.

I went to see Kelly on Saturday night. We went out for drinks at the same bar where we met. She brought her laptop. She seemed to have a sixth sense about not spilling beer on the laptop; she had many close calls, but was able to avoid any spillage. She showed me some incomprehensible-looking computer-speak files. She scrolled about halfway down and pointed to some weird numbers.

"See that?," she asked.

I read off some numbers.

"207 dot 217 dot 114 dot 200."

"Who did you say hacked into your computer at work?"

"I assumed it was the FBI. It happened right after they showed up at my door."

"I don't think so."

"Why not?"

"Those numbers you read off were the IP address from which the hack came. Those numbers are registered to, the residential ripoff agency. Isn't it odd that the FBI would use an computer to look for classified information?"

"I guess so."

"Of course, it could have been a spoofed address. They could have gone through Earthlink just to make it look like they were there. But there's more."

"The protocol they used was downright basic. Their techniques were skills that every hacker learns by age fourteen. Don't you think the FBI would know better?"

"What protocol?"

"Um, never mind," she said, sipping her beer. "I don't want to give away any of my secrets. I don't want to turn you into competition."

Project Aladdin Journal 04-08-2002

SoundByte here. Is there any way to redirect the location where a wormhole opens? Could someone, say, send the hydrogen stream off into another star system (uninhabited, of course) where it wouldn't screw up either any life forms or the overall local ecosystem where it opens up?

Don't know...just asking...

Bob checking in.
What Kelly found out about the source of the hack reconfirms suspicions that the whole thing is either CIA with deep clandestine cover, or some corporate espionage with similar cover. You are NOT dealing with the overt operations of the FBI. This means you're a crime victim and genuine FBI might very well be interested in finding out why someone is impersonating one of their agents (and making him cut it out).