Project Aladdin Journal 04-04-2002

Christine's message today sounded very excited. I'll just post it here and let her speak for herself:

Qwerty, you are a genius. We all think your idea is right on. I don't know why we didn't think of it before. We were all struggling to understand what the source of that hydrogen could possibly be, and the answer was right in front of us the whole time.

We initially thought it might be some weird gas vent in the Earth, but the sheer amount of hydrogen coming out eliminated that possibility. The only thing anywhere near here that could be producing that much hydrogen would be the Sun. But the metallicity problem seemed to suggest the hydrogen was coming from a young star.

The nearest young star is something like ten light-years away, or sixty trillion (sixty million million) miles. For those of you keeping score at home, that's a really long way. Even in modern times, we can't get our wormholes anywhere near that far. (In fact, we only ever made one wormhole, and that's the wormhole we use to talk to you.) So how could the people of your time possibly use primitive technology to get young star stuff to come out of a wormhole?

Easy. The Einstein equations tell us that space and time are two sides of the same coin, and the Schuster equations tell us that wormoles can sometimes propogate more easily through time than through space. Hence, our wormhole 80 years back in time to you. Hence also (thanks, Qwerty), some wormhole ungodly years from 2000-whatever to when the Sun was young.

Whatever stupid wormhole your time's people started, they got the other end of it inside the Sun billions of years ago. So the next obvious question is, how do we get it out? Bob, we don't know how to close a wormhole either. We're hoping you can tell us.

One thing that might help us get this problem figured out is to learn how the wormhole started in the first place. Bob, Space Turtel, your idea of a failed fusion experiment is intriguing. People started trying to get fusion power as far back as 1955, and they were still trying and failing in your time. One of the requirements of fusion is a source of hydrogen. People have always thought that you could get it by hydrolyzing water, but maybe someone decided to suck hydrogen out of the Sun instead. Hey, people have done stupider things before.

So, Qwerty, thanks for the great idea. Apparently, you are smarter than all the physicists in the future. Keep up the good work!

I haven't gotten such an upbeat message from Christine in a long time. I guess that means we're making progress. Thanks for your help!

Project Aladdin Journal 04-04-2002

Bob here...just a quick thought. It may not have been a failed fusion might be a very successful one that succeeded TOO well, and produced so much matter and energy that the experiment got out of control.

Now, what would disrupt the hydrogen flow? Maybe a conventional explosion. Might not even have to be particularly big. But if someone dropped a daisy-cutter bomb (or its 2082 equivalent) into the pit of the hydrogen vent, it might stop everything up, disrupt the mechanism of the hydrogen flow.

I don't see any major risk...but it might work.

qwerty here,

This solution sounds too easy: create a second wormhole on top of the one in Hawaii. Put the other end in the Sun's past, et voila, problem solved.

SoundByte checking in.

It's now April 5 as I write this. No new posting something wrong? OR does further news (hopefully good news) await us on Monday?

This may be a side issue, but has anything further come of those contacts with media? Also, here's another thought...have you thought at all of contacting the media in Hawaii and asking THEM to look into some of the funny stuff going on over there right now?

Just a thought...don't know where it goes, but it might develop more leads you can pass along into the future.

Thanks, SoundByte, this is Patrick. Everything is fine today, I just didn't have anything new to report. Christine was late getting me her message; I just got it and posted it to he discussion board. Nothing else has come of the media contacts yet. I hadn't thought of contacting the media in Hawaii, but I'll try that this afternoon. I'll keep you updated.
Bob, why is it that you Americans seem to think that dropping bombs is the solution to every problem?