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Project Aladdin Journal 03-28-2002

Hello, everyone. Bob, Brian Kazminski's thesis should arrive today. I'll let you know when it comes. Do any of you have any idea of why the pseudo-FBI agent was so keen on whether I knew Kazminski?

I talked to Kelly this morning and told her about the latest developments. She was interested about the Cal-State-Bakersfield connection. I asked her why. "Academic systems are easier to hack. If he really stores his files on Bakersfield's computers, I'll tell you what he's doing tomorrow." It's good to have qualified friends.

I got my monthly employment check from Gabrielle this mornign, so I assume that whatever annoyance she had with me has now blown over.

I'm planning to spend today at the Georgia Tech library, doing some background reading on physics so I'll understand Kazminski's thesis. I'm learning much more about physics than I ever imagined I would.

Project Aladdin Journal 03-28-2002

Bob here again...what format are they using to send you the thesis? Reason I ask, is that you probably want to scan the text and send it directly to Christine. If they send it to you in binary text form that'll be easy just to attack to your next e-mail to her. But if it's hard copy, of course, you'll need to scan it into your computer, then tack it on to your next message. (Plain old ASCII text is probably the best way to go.) Got a scanner and supporting software? If not, that may need to be your next purchase. Good luck.
Patrick, as to your question about why the agent was curious about your knowledge of Kazminski, I have to be suspicious that he wasn't so much wanting to know what you know about him as he was in placing some crumbs on the trail for you to follow instead.


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CZ may be on to something; you'll know when you get the thesis and Christine has a chance to study it and see if it makes any sense. If it's a blind alley, good to know now. (of course this phony FBI/probable CIA guy doesn't know you're in touch with someone in 2081 who can spot a pseudoscientific phony, or at least probably doesn't believe it even if he reads the website.)

But a lot of the CIA/DIA types aren't sophisticated and subtle enough to try for fakes and stunts. This guy's into intimidation and it may just be he's being real about trying to keep the two of you away from each other.

Good luck; let us know if this thesis makes any sense.