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Project Aladdin Journal 03-26-2002

Hi, everyone. SoundByte, I called the number listed for Brian Kazminski and got a recorded message saying he was out of the office for two weeks. Nothing else. I left him a quick message saying who I was (a former physicist at Georgia Tech) and asked him to call me back. I also sent him an E-mail saying the same thing, in case he can check his E-mail from wherever he is.

No word either from the media front. I called CNN back, and all the local channels too. I did speak to Dave Sizemore at Fox. I told him that Meaghan had also been harrassed by the same pseudo-agents. He said it was an interesting new development, and that he would approach his supervisors again. He said he thinks that they had some pressure from above to kill my story, but he didn't know why.

Here is a message from Christine:

We're still dealing with the Kyoto disaster, so not much time for a message today. You are correct that Brian Kazminski is a physicist at Cal State-Bakersfield, and that Cal State-Bakersfield has some sort of shady involvment with this project in Nevada. Kazminski got his PhD from the University of Texas in May 2000, then went strate to CSB. His thesis was called "Experimental Constraints on Beam-Line Collimation." It sounds like it could be a useful study for whatever it is they're doing out in Nevada. Unfortunately, his thesis has not survived the past 80 years, and he didn't publish anything later - for reasons that I'm not going to tell you. If we're going to find anything from Dr. Kazminski, it's up to you.

Project Aladdin Journal 03-26-2002

Bob need to get hold of a copy of this Kazminski guy's dissertation (you can get copies from University Microfilms in Ann Arbor, MI if a local library can't)...and upload it to Christine. It may well provide a key. You don't even have to meet him to get hold of it, because once a dissertation's been submitted, approved and had its abstract published, it's available publicly subject to the usual copyright laws. May cost you a little to copy it and a few more bucks in royalties to the guy, but that'll be a small price to pay if it's as important as it appears.

I'd say, make arrangements for it and get hold of it now, even before you meet him, and get it to Christine.

Keep trying to get publicity through any media outlet you can. Even an approach to someone like Art Bell can't hurt.

Take care.