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Project Aladdin Journal 03-22-2002

Hi, everyone. Bob, Meaghan really seems to think that Paul Brewer is who he says he is. She isn't sure if Brewer was the agent that harassed her on Wednesday, but she says that the M.O. I described is similar to the M.O. that the agents used when they interviewed her two years ago. First they steal from you, then they return your stuff and ask you lots of intimidating questions.

I did ask Christine for an identification of Paul Brewer. Here was her response:

Thanks for the lead, Patrick. This is going to have to be short because we have a disaster on our hands.

First, as for your information, we were able to do a quick historical check. In March 2002, we were able to find three men named Paul Brewer living in Reno, Nevada. We found them by tracing old bank statements, company mailing lists, etc. It's hard work because much of the information was not digital - it was stored on paper in old warehouses on Earth.

In a city of 300,000, it's perhaps not surprising to find three Paul Brewers. Here is the basic information on the three:

1) Machinist, 34, unmarried
2) Insurance salesman, 31, married, 2 children (ages unknown)
3) Student, 19, unmarried

Nothing in the background of these three suggests that they might be either FBI agents or con artists. None has ever been convicted of a felony.

We don't know any more at this time, and it will be a few days until we can do any more research. We are dealing with more immediate problems. Last night, a fire swept through the city of Kyoto, Japan, Asian Protectorate. Miraculously, only 900 people were killed, but tens of thousands were left homeless. The entire old city was destroyed. Kyoto was the capital of imperial Japan during the age of the samurai, so priceless historical treasures were lost. If you want to see Old Kyoto, see it now, because it will be gone in eighty years. I never got a chance to see it, and now I never will. The fire was started when a spark from a factory ignited - wait for it - atmospheric hydrogen blown over from Hawaii.

This is the first major disaster to come directly from the Hawaiian leak. It's been all over the media since it happened; the seventeen major networks have had 24-hour coverage. As you can imagine, this has been a public relations nightmare for Project Aladdin. I've been giving interviews nonstop, defending what we're doing here. C-G candidate Jan Astland has said that the Kyoto fire is proof that Project Aladdin isn't working. If he's elected, he's already promised to eliminate our funding.

The government has declared a ban on all open flames in Japan. I'm sure you realize that Japan can't do much without any open flames. The Kyoto fire proves that things are getting worse. The bottom line is that we need results, and we need them fast.

Project Aladdin Journal 03-22-2002

i'm surprised you're not more worried, Patrick. every dispatch from Christine becomes more and more dire, and yet you still seem to have trouble maintaining your focus.

Painter told you in as many words that you're dealing with a wormhole. he says "they" took it away from him. who's "they," Patrick? "they're" not really military, but you could call them that - so who are "they?"

your FBI friend drops a name, asks if you know him. "you better not" is a strange sentence coming from one supposedly trying to keep you away. so who is Kazminski, and why should you "not" know him?

still need a name, or do you know by now this is kilroy?

SoundByte here. I think you need to figure out two things...

1)Brewer is NOT FBI. He might be CIA working under cover, but he clearly is not who he says he is. And you should use all the resources of the criminal justice system to stop him, because he is NOT legit, and legitimate law enforcement people resent the covert actors enough that they're likely to be on your side on this one.

2)Kilroy's right about definitely need to find this Brian Kazminski, whoever he is. And he may be tough to find, since a quick scan of Yahoo and Google shows no Web presence for anyone by that name, nor any indirect reference to him. You might start by looking through the BellSouth online national white pages, and also by asking around among those you know...maybe the name means something to Meaghan, Jackson, or someone else you have contacts with. Or to Christine.

Good luck. This may be a busy weekend for you...lots of leads to track down.