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Project Aladdin Journal 03-14-2002

SoundByte, Christine likes your idea. Here is her response:

I think you and SoundByte are definitely on the right track. We do in fact use a wormhole to communicate with you. We opened up a wormhole here at Project Aladdin and placed the other end inside your laptop. That was a major feat of engineering, believe me.

The details of how we create the wormhole are unimportant, and you wouldn't understand them anyway. Painter's ideas are a part of the theory behind our wormhole, but by no means are they the exclusive ideas. The theories of many different people, spread over generations, have come together to make Project Aladdin.

I am still unsure about what level of detail I can tell you about Dr. Painter's theories. I'll have to discuss it with the rest of the Project and get back to you.

As for SoundByte's suggestion that the hydrogen spewing out of the hole and killing us came from the big bang: probably not. We've measured the composition of trace gases, and the metallicity is far too high to be big bang related.

We know that nothing on Earth (literally) could produce that much hydrogen. The next nearest suspect is the Sun. The gas the hole is spewing is similar to the Sun's, but not quite there: the helium concentration is significantly lower. We're not quite sure what that means.

And we agree 100% with SoundByte's suggestion that this be stopped ASAP. That's where you come in.

Oh, I also got a call from Dave Sizemore today. He's sending a camera crew out this afternoon to film a segment about what happened to me last week. I'll let you know how that goes.

Project Aladdin Journal 03-14-2002

SoundByte here...If it isn't the Big Bang, is it possible that somehow they've got a wormhole going that's sucking in stuff from a distant part of the galaxy, maybe near a nova? I don't know how you close a wormhole once you've opened it but it sounds like someone in 2081 ought to try.
Patrick, this is Space Turtel. Following-up on Soundbyte's comments of yesterday and today: is it possible that a wormhole anchored in "the present" on Earth and "XX years in the past" in the Sun is the source of the hydrogen? That could explain the difference between the measured and expected levels of Helium.

Also, how much are the levels different? Is it at the level it "should" be in our time? Is it less, and if so by how much? Can the level be used to estimate "when" the wormhole should have appeared inside the Sun? Perhaps that could be used to re-examine data gathered (at that time) to search for one (today). A wormhole inside the Sun could be causing a measurable change in mass and convection currents that we might be able to detect if we know to look for it.