Project Aladdin Journal 03-12-2002

Hey, SoundByte. It's funny that you should mention Christine today; I just heard from her. Here's her message:

We've been doing some checking into your stories, Patrick. It looks like you were right on with your source of Dr. Joseph Painter. He is a professor at Stanford University, with joint appointments in particle physics and chemical engineering. He sounds like a really intelligent guy; I think he'll be a good contact for you whether or not he turns out to be involved in whatever might be going on.

His research seems to concern theoretical and experimental dynamics of exotic subatomic particles, especially making predictions of the properties of new particles. It seems like his chemical engineering training comes in when he analyzes how the beams come together in linear accelerators. I'm not entirely sure; this isn't my area of expertise.

Anyway, he has worked at Stanford since 1985. He will become very famous quite soon;

Project Aladdin Journal 03-12-2002

let's take a moment to look at the facts.
1. your former boss is involved in mysterious business that requires him to travel to remote parts of nevada.
1a. part of this work involves gravity models.
2. the government is very interested in Meaghan's paper on rotating toroids.
2a. Christine tells you it describes something similar to the way she talks to you.
3. you meet Painter in nevada.
3a. he tells you they're working on ftl communication.
3b. he is a physicist specializing in exotic sub-atomic particles.
3c. "i shall spew you out of my mouth," a line that one of your allies thought to be reminiscent of a wormhole.
yes. i think you should talk to Christine.

names are superfluous when the fate of the world is in question. if you must give me one, call me kilroy.

This is Patrick again. Somehow my journal entry got cut off in the middle. Here's the rest:

in fact, one of the particles we deal with is called a "painteron," in honor of him. I'm not corrupting the timeline by telling you that, since he won't become famous for his research for a couple of decades.

The interesting thing about Dr. Painter is that he took a significant amount of time off of Stanford, starting with the 2001-02 academic year. There's a big hole in his career at that point; no one knows what he did then, and apparently no one ever bothered to ask him. We'd ask him now, but he's been dead for twenty years. His son doesn't know what he did then either.

What this means for you is that whatever Joe Painter was doing in 2001-02, he's doing it right now, in your time. When you met him by a campfire in Nevada, he was doing whatever mysterious thing he did when he wasn't at Stanford.

His wife is a Stanford computer scientist named Dr. Maria Thomas-Painter. She has the same hole in her career as Joe does. Perhaps not surprising; whatever they were doing, they were doing it together.

Here's what we can tell you concretely: their E-mails are and You could have figured that out yourself, you know.

We've also done some research on this Gabrielle person, and to be honest, we have no idea. You haven't given us any information for us to go on.

Late last night, right before I went to bed, I took the trash out to the street. As I came back into the house, I heard a phone ring. I ran to the phone, picked it up, and heard a dial tone. Just as I realized that it wasn't my phone ringing - it was Dr. Painter's cell phone - the ringing stopped. I ran to the phone to see if I could get a return number, but it came up as unlisted. So it looks like Dr. Painter tried to reach me. Hopefully he'll try again.

Patrick again. Something weird is happening with the fonts on my journal. The last paragraph, starting "Late last night," is me speaking, not Christine.