Project Aladdin Journal 03-11-2002

Hello, everyone. Bob, I think your idea is a good one, and I posted a response in the discussion board. Basically, I think it's a good idea, but I don't know how to trace the post. Hopefully Dr. D can help us; he's much better with computers than I am.

I got some of the pictures from my trips to Hawaii and Nevada developed. Most of the Hawaii pictures are just scenery pictures, since I usually traveled by myself. I did get some decent photos from Nevada. Unfortunately, the really interesting roll was the one where we followed the convoy, and that roll was taken by the pseudo-FBI agent. But I did get a few pictures from earlier in my trip with Jackson. I'll try to scan one in for you this afternoon, so you can see it.

For the moment, I'm stuck. Dr. Painter still hasn't called on his cell phone, and I'm starting to wonder if he ever will. I'd like to call Kelly to see if she has ideas for how to track down Gabrielle, and to see if she had any luck tracking down the virus she picked out of my laptop when I was working with Rado. I also E-mailed Tim, just to see if he'll talk to me. It seemed like we were on friendly terms when I left, in spite of everything.

I'm starting to run out of ideas of things I can do in Atlanta. Does anyone have any suggestions? It might be time for me to take another trip, but I'm not sure where I would go.

Project Aladdin Journal 03-11-2002

SoundByte here.

A couple of things...

1)You might want to consult with Meaghan, Jackson and all your other associates to see where they think you should go next in order to learn the most and do the most good. IMHO Atlanta's as good a place as any for the moment, until you've seen what the contacts you've initiated with the local media will yield and had a chance to analyze and digest data and photos you've already gathered. After you've done that, maybe at the end of this month or early next, you can plot your next move.

2)Isn't it strange that you haven't heard from Christine in a while? You might want to try to contact her to see if she's OK...maybe you can consult with her and get her views on where you need to go next, consistent of course with keeping the timeline intact.

Good luck, I know you'll do the right thing.

Hi Patrick, Bob checking in...there may be no rush to move on, until/unless the evidence you've gathered so far suggests a definite direction for your inquiries. I agree with SoundByte (for once!) that you want to get advice from everyone you trust. Only thing I'd say is that absent some good leads, you can accomplish as much where you are as you can from anywhere. At this point it's probably just about time to do more research on what the Pentagon's been doing lately...