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Project Aladdin Journal 03-06-2002

Hello, everyone. Which one of you suggested I read Kip Thorne? I've glanced back through his book, and I did read the Popular Science article. You were talking about the time travel article, right? It was interesting stuff.
Well, whether talking to the media was a good idea or not, it's done. An associate producer from Fox 5 named Dave Sizemore came to my apartment yesterday to talk to me. He said he would come at 2:00, but he didn't show up until after 5:30. I was a bit annoyed when he finally did show up. He didn't come in a TV truck; he just pulled up in his Saturn, knocked on my door, introduced himself, and set up a tape recorder.

I told him the story of the pseudo-FBI agent.

"So you were in Nevada?," he asked.

"Yes. When I got back, they met me at my apartment."

"What were you doing in Nevada?," he asked.

I debated what response I wanted to give. I didn't want to tell him about Christine, because I didn't think he'd believe me. But I didn't want to totally mislead him about what I was doing.

"I was doing some research," I said. "I think there's a government project out there that could cause some trouble down the road."

"What kind of trouble?"

I thought for a moment. "A major ecological disaster," I said. "Somehow, the project could cause major problems. I don't know how, because I don't know much about the project. That's what I was in Nevada trying to find out."

"What exactly is this project?"

"I don't know that either. It may be some sort of hydrogen-burning fuel cell, like the ones in cars. But on a giant scale."

Sizemore asked me a few more questions about the project, but I really didn't know much. I'll have to ask Christine what she has found out.

As Sizemore was packing up his tape recorder, he asked me who else he could talk to for more information. I gave him Jackson's phone number in Nevada and the URL of this web site. So if you're reading, Dave, let me know if you have any questions.

He said that he would talk to some other sources and get back to me by the end of the week. If Fox 5 decides to film a story about this, they'll bring a truck by. Dave gave me his card and said to call him if anything changes. Bob, SoundByte, did I leave anything out that I should have told him?

Project Aladdin Journal 03-06-2002

SoundByte here.
About the only thing I can think of to tell him that you may not already have told him, is that there might be a potential for dangerous hydrogen pollution of the atmosphere very soon...and you're trying to find out if experiments that may be well-intentioned and designed to solve our energy needs, might end up in an ecological backfire. In a nutshell that is what may be happening, now and in the future, isn't it? Couching it in those terms makes it something everyone who passed high school chemistry can grasp, and it should generate a story. Of course, if you covered that ground, and couched it in those terms, talking with Fox 5, you've done all you can and you can just hope the assignment editor and the reporter they send (if any) gets it.

If that doesn't work, CNN's got a science bureau based in your town and they're worth talking to. This is a story with two hooks...a scientific hook and a hook based on possible police subterfuge and misconduct. One of 'em ought to generate some airtime.
Best of luck.

i'm not so sure Jackson's going to enjoy having media attention...

because you are neither hot nor cold, i will vomit you out. think about this, Patrick: if it absolutely has to get there instantaneously - how would you do it?